Latest Life Experience

Patrice spent 5 years, 2014 to 2019, in a Carmelite cloistered monastery in the Ko'olau Mountains in Kaneohe on Oahu. She was studying to become a Carmelite nun, but decided to leave at the end of 5 years. She has never lived in a more beautiful setting with more opportunity to reconnect with and increase inner wealth. This was the best time of her life, other than childhood and her current retirement. There is so much to write about this part of her life, as well as earlier years. She looks forward to doing so and may expand to prose writing--though poetry, with its flexibility of form and openness to all subjects and topics, remains most attractive to her.


Maybe This Poem "Says"  Something About Me


Not to be found

under a rock

in the desert.

A scream that

comes out a whisper.

A flicker of fire on a taper

to light a candle.

The middle way

for caravans at night.

From the memory

of a whisper

find a single

steady flame.

When you come

out of the desert,

weary and bruised,

I will take you

over the edge

of words

and tears.

You will know

what happened.

The middle way ends

on neither side.

Published in my chapbook On Neither Side, Finishing Line Press, 2009.